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Michael Fierle


  • MSP of SW Pennsylvania
    • Roles: Project Professional Developer, Academy Facilitator
    • Access: Project Admin, Project Contact


  • Teacher: Middle School, Teacher: High School, K-12 Administrator, Researcher, Evaluator 


I have taught secondary mathematics for eight years. Served as the mathematics curriculum supervisor for the Mt. Lebanon school district. Currently a math coordinator for the SWPA MSP and focusing my attentions primarily at the elementary level. 


Elementary and secondary mathematics education. Lenses on Learning facilitator. Leading professional development focused on various examplarly materials such as "Developing Mathematical Ideas", "VCMPD" and lesson study. Helping teachers implement Everyday Mathematics, Investigations in Number, Data, and Space and CMP. Using the K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Framework to evaluate and/or develop a math curriculum. 


Co-presented on the MSC parent handbooks for elementary and middle school mathematics at the NCSM national conference in 2006. Co-presented at NCSM 2007-Anticipating, Monitoring, Selecting, Sequencing, and Connecting Student Work: Five Actions to Ensure Equity and Access in the Classroom.