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Japheth Wood



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics 


I work with pre-service math teachers in NYC with the Bard MAT Program. We are headquartered at Bard High School Early College in Queens. While our partner schools are located all over NYC, most are in the South Bronx.

I am also active in the national Math Circle movement. I am directly involved with the New York Math Circle, and also with the Bard Math Circles.

My work with math teachers started with the Math Science Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania, while working at Chatham College (Pittsburgh, PA). 


My current position involves working with pre-service high school math teachers at the Bard College MAT Program. Many of my students are supported by Math for America and intend to teach in public schools in New York City.

I also have an active research program in Universal Algebra. My work here has mainly focused on various aspects of semigroups including the asymptotic growth of their free spectra and tame congruence theoretical considerations. Current research is in left self-distributive algebras. 


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