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Jessica Bogner (Public Works)



  • Researcher, Evaluator 


We believe in collecting and using data to improve the effectiveness of the public and non-profit sectors. Public Works is a non-profit corporation dedicated to working with schools, government agencies and the nonprofit sector by providing research, evaluation services and resources to organizations that educate and inform children, youth and families.

Our mission is to put data into action-transforming statistics into information that informs decisions, improves accountability and communicates the impact of public policy. Public Works designs and conducts evaluations in a range of policy areas using a varied set of methods and tools. With proven capacity, we measure quantitative program outcomes and use qualitative methods to assess implementation and identify areas for improvement. 


Public Education and School Improvement. Education initiatives with an emphasis on helping schools and school districts move toward becoming data-driven in the areas of: curriculum and instruction, assessment practices, academic intervention, professional development, school management and leadership, and parent and community involvement.

Career Technical Education and Workforce Development. Career pathways, career technical education and workforce development initiatives where youth and adults transition to postsecondary education, job training and careers based on student interest and labor market needs.

Social Services and Support Programs. Targeted interventions in areas as varied as early childhood education, after-school programs, youth development, foster care, juvenile delinquency, mental health and other social support services.