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Julia Bernd



  • Researcher, Evaluator 


Julia Bernd received her MA in Linguistics from Stanford University in 2002, and has since then applied her academic training to practical causes by working on a wide variety of social-science and public-health research projects around the Bay Area. She is currently developing curriculum materials around the social impacts of computer science, in several projects at ICSI: Teach Global Impact in CSP, Teaching Privacy, Teaching Security, and San Jose Public Library's Virtual Privacy Lab. Julia is also involved in corpus development for multimedia research -- where she can both contribute to open-access data resources and find good excuses to think about category theory. Julia came to ICSI to work on the research and evaluation team for California Connects, a statewide digital-literacy project. In addition to research work, she has long been involved in grassroots progressive activism. She is involved with UpRise Campaigns, which develops tools for volunteer-powered political campaigns, and she is on the Board of Directors of Peninsula Peace and Justice Center in Palo Alto.