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Eric Specking



  • Higher Ed: Engineering, Higher Ed: Administrator, Graduate Student 


Eric truly brings a unique prospective and skill set to any team with his technical background, strategic and team based mentality, personal situational based management style and recruiting experience. In 2009, Eric earned a bachelors of science in computer engineering with a minor in math and computer science from the University of Arkansas. During this time, he interned at ConocoPhillips and J.B. Hunt where he was exposed to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, process mapping and software development. These experiences in conjunction with his RFID undergraduate research, India study abroad experience and his work as a student recruiter in the College of Engineering made him the best candidate in 2009 for the Assistant Director of Recruitment position in the College of Engineering. Eric excelled in this position and in four short years became the Director of Undergraduate Recruitment. During his tenure, the College of Engineering experienced a 100 percent increase in new freshman enrollment. He also tripled the number of engineering summer programs, raised over $260,000 to support these programs and developed a social media presence for the college. Recruitment taught him how to develop and brand publications to targeted audiences, manage people and resources, be an effective communicator and presenter, and much more. In 2013, Eric finished his masters degree in industrial engineering while working full time at the University of Arkansas. All of these experiences help Eric provide support and leadership to engineering and business teams to ensure future success.