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Jeffrey Braun



  • Higher Ed: Other 


I grew up in Colorado and studied Geophysical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines because it combined my two main interests geology and computers. After earning a Masters Degree in Geophysics at the Univ. of Utah, I spent over five years working in the petroleum industry in California and Louisiana. In 1995, I happily returned to the Rocky Mountain region, got married, and began work on a second Masters Degree, this time in Computer Science at the Univ. of Montana. I started working at Montana Tech in 1998 as a Research Associate and I began teaching computer science full time in 2001.

I enjoy living in Butte because it offers fantastic recreational opportunities, including skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and trail running. I am the Ski and Snowboard Club advisor and the instructor for Montana Tech's Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding class that meets Tuesday afternoons at Discovery Ski Areas ( ). I have hiked the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) from Canada through Colorado. I am a member of and assist the Continental Divide Trail Society (CDTS). In 2008, I became involved with Buttes P&M Runners, which organizes the annual Wulfmans CDT 14K trail race.