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Louise Lyon




Louise Ann (Lou Ann) Lyon, PhD, Senior Research Associate, brings industry experience in the software engineering workplace as well as research knowledge from Learning Sciences and Feminist Studies to her work on diversifying technology at postsecondary institutions and in the workplace. Dr. Lyon is currently principal investigator on a project funded by Google designed to uncover best practices at community colleges for recruiting students underrepresented in computer science to the field, and to support those students in transfer and completion of a bachelors degree. She is co-principal investigator on a project to increase computer science learning in a community center in order to recruit and prepare Latino/a youth for computing education and careers. Future research interests include uncovering non-degree pathways to computing employment for underrepresented populations and finding ways to enhance the computer science learning along those pathways in order to encourage a diversity of lifelong learners to enter and succeed in the technology workplace.

Dr. Lyon received her PhD in Learning Sciences with a graduate certificate in Feminist Studies from the University of Washington, Seattle, while a member of the Institute of Technology faculty at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Prior to her work in academia, Dr. Lyon was employed as a software engineer, creating user interfaces for high-end video and distance-learning products subsequent to obtaining a MS in Computer Science from California State University, Chico.