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Jeff Sweeton


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Jeff Sweeton has been producing digital video, film, photography, websites, scripts, apps and writing for over fifteen years and has been teaching about it for about that long as well. Jeff founded and facilitates CodeCreate Technology Education workshops with many partners including Disney Magnet Schools, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, The Chicago City of Learning, Maker Media, Facets Multimedia, the Adler Planetarium, the MacArthur Foundation, MOUSE of New York City, Jewish Family Services of Ottawa, Canada, Common Sense Media, Google, The Imagination Foundation and the Civic Lab where he was chosen and served as a Making Fellow. At Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development, Jeff's taught a variety of media, electronics and engineering courses for about five years and as the Technology Education Manager at the Lawndale Christian Development Corporation, Jeff redesigned the Community Technology Center to integrate project-based, multimedia and Pop-Up learning. Previously, he led a Computer Clubhouse for seven years while also serving as an international trainer with the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, also working with MIT's Media Lab. Under his guidance, Jeffs Clubhouse was granted an international Kudos award in 2007. MIT's Media Lab was also Jeff's first exposure to constructionist learning and the work of Seymour Papert, Mitch Resnik, Sherry Turkle and others, all of whom have had a profound influence on Jeff. Previously, he taught in several Chicago Public Schools, leading original courses developed with After School Matters while also producing freelance video for clients including ComEd, Ciber Enterprise Solutions and the Cleveland Jewish Federation. Before earning his Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Jeff produced his first commissioned videos, produced around the world, while still in high school. 


Art and Technology Integration, Video Production