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Katie Rich



  • Researcher 


Katie Rich joined the Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education in 2009, after working for two years as an editor of the materials for the secondary component of University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. During that time, she served as lead editor on the Advanced Algebra book and also assisted in editing other books and creating extra practice and assessment materials for the program.

Prior to coming to the University of Chicago, Katie earned a BA in mathematics from Western Michigan University (2005) and an MA in learning sciences from Northwestern University (2007).

Katie was a member of planning and writing teams for Grade 2 and Grade 5 Everyday Mathematics 4, and also was the lead developer and field-test coordinator for the Grade 1 Open Response Lessons. Currently, she serves as the lead content developer for the CEMSE Number Stories project, an online collection of dynamic problem-solving activities. She is also staffed on an NSF project focused on integrating computer science into elementary mathematics programs.

Katie is interested in how technology impacts mathematics teaching and learning at all levels. Her current research pursuits include exploring how dynamic mathematics software can direct the pedagogical focus of mathematics teaching to conceptual rather than procedural understanding and investigating how use of digital manipulatives, rather than physical tools, impacts mathematical understanding and learning. 


mathematics education, curriculum development, digital activity development