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Stephen Uzzo



  • Researcher 


Dr. Uzzo does research and development of public programs and experiences on complex science; as well as development and instruction for pre-service teacher education and certification graduate programs. He is currently Principle Investigator for Connected Worlds, a large-scale immersive exhibition on sustainability in NYSCIs landmark Great Hall and Network Science for the Next Generation that mentors high school teachers and students in complex network research. His background includes over twenty years professional experience in teaching and learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and prior to that, ten years in television and computer graphics systems engineering. Dr. Uzzo's research interests include network models for learning, collaboration in free-choice learning environments, and the teaching and learning of data driven science. He holds a terminal degree in network theory and environmental studies from the Union Institute. Having never lived very far from the ocean in New York and California, Dr. Uzzo has also been a lifelong advocate for marine conservation advocacy and education. For fun he does fisheries restoration projects near his home in Northport, New York. 


Complex networks, systems science, cybernetics, STEM education, free choice learning, Teacher education. 


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