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Christopher Stewart




Dr. Stewart is an assistant professor in the computer science and engineering department at The Ohio State University. He leads the ReRout Lab where high-impact research produces novel systems and diverse expertise that broadens computer science, i.e., research that reaches out. Dr. Stewart's research spans all aspects of Internet services from server hardware and datacenters to operating systems and middleware to novel emerging workloads. His recent research has focused on 1) cost/energy efficiency for infrastructure services and 2) powering services with clean energy.

Dr. Stewart is a recipient of the prestigious NSF Career Award. He has co-authored award papers at MASCOTS and ISSST. He is the Chief Editor of the Sustainable Computing Register, the regular publication of the IEEE STC on Sustainable Computing. He initiated the STC on SC Pick of the Month series, a prestigious award given to top papers in sustainable computing. He was also honored to be the first external chair of the ACM Workshop on Diversity in Systems Research. Dr. Stewart earned a PhD from the University of Rochester under the supervision of Kai Shen. He also graduated from Morehouse College.