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Lisa Milenkovic



  • K-12 Administrator 


My work in the field of K-12 education has a unique perspective resulting from a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (Northeastern University, Boston, MA) and over 20 years of environmental, instrumental analysis and laboratory management experience. My dissertation research was conducted at the New England Aquarium in Boston. While the research related to fresh water (humic materials and metals in the environment), I had several unique opportunities to participate in other projects, including the rehabilitation and release of newborn harbor seals (featured in a childrens book) and the rescue and tracking the subsequent release of pilot whales using the internet in its infancy (featured in a Nova television special, Reading Rainbow episode and a childrens book). Work also includes experience in the environmental arena on the Boston Harbor cleanup project at the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. The diversity of experiences continues with research at the Rosenstiel School at the University of Miami investigating shellfish poisons, teaching college level chemistry at Barry University, and consulting on laboratory automation to several pharmaceutical corporations and government agencies. One major environmental project involved updating the laboratory computer system at the South Florida Water Management District in support of the Everglades restoration plan. I spent many years as a volunteer science educator and science fair judge before becoming an elementary school science teacher, teacher staff developer and curriculum supervisor. My goal is to engage and excite teachers, students and the public in STEM content and applications, not only to train the young student to become a scientist but more importantly to teach the non-scientific student the critical thinking skills and content knowledge to become part of the scientifically literate public.