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amy puca



  • Evaluator 


Amy Puca has been doing research and evaluation work in education, psychology, and related fields for over 10 years. In addition to research and evaluation, she worked in the front lines of education for over 10 years as a tutor and New York City Public School teacher. Currently, Amy is the lead evaluator on various educational grants, including 21st Century Learning Center, Community Schools Grant Initiative, Corporation for National and Community Service (AmeriCorps), Elementary and Secondary Counseling, Math and Science Partnership Program, and School District Performance Improvement grants. Recently, Amy has also provided evaluation services for Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention, Department of Defense Education Activity, Youth Risk Behavior Survey, School District Attendance Analysis, Community Needs Assessment, and Logic Modeling.

Essentially, Amy enjoys everything about evaluation. Whats not to love? Grateful to have found a career that merges her two career passions (education and social sciences), she believes in the ability of programs to improve the lives of children. She appreciates the opportunity to work with project staff to provide children with the best possible program experience and work with her colleagues to provide top-notch evaluation services. Amy continually enhances her evaluation skills through participation in American Evaluation Association activities, training at The Evaluators Institute, and reading relevant literature. 


Education, Program Evaluation