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Laura PayneBourcy



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Dr. Laura Payne-Bourcy Partner, holds a Ph.D. in Reading & Language Arts and Educational Leadership from Syracuse University where she defended her 2001 dissertation with distinction. She has served as visiting faculty in the Department of Reading and Language Arts at Syracuse University and SUNY Oswego. Dr. Payne-Bourcys research and development work focuses on enhancing student achievement related to literacy and language development in high-needs rural and urban school systems. She was awarded the 2002 Margaret and Alexander Charters Award for Scholastic Excellence in Adult and Continuing Education and 3rd place in the American Education Research Associations (AERA) Dissertation of the Year competition. Holding NYS certification in school administration (SDA), English teaching (7-12), and elementary grades from nursery school to grade 6, Dr. Payne-Bourcy is a consultant to higher education and public schools, has presented her work at the state and national levels and published her findings in peer reviewed journals. She conducts studies and program evaluation to ensure appropriateness, adherence to quality standards, and continuous program improvement in K-16 settings supported by local, state, federal and foundation funds; designs educational grants for state, federal, and foundation sources to support student achievement and related professional development in high-needs schools and communities; and manages funded grants (single and multi-year) that support distance learning, technology integration, teacher research, K-12 literacy, and varied professional development initiatives. 


program evaluation, program design, school leadership