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Cynthia Crockett



BS Ed., Miami University, Oxford, OH, 1985
EdM., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 2003
15 years science teacher, Gr. 9-12, Gr. 8
Adjunct Professor, Earth Science, Colby-Saywer College, 1997, 1998
Science Education Research, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Science Education Dept., Harvard University, 1999-2005; 2015 - present 


Science Education
Student misconceptions in science 


Coyle, Harold P., ________, and Francine C. Rogers. Physical Science for All Teachers Manual, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co. Dubuque, IA, in press for winter 2003.
Libarkin, Julie C., __________, Philip M. Sadler, Density On Dry Land, The Science Teacher, Sept. 2003.
Crockett, C., What Do Kids Really Know About Science (and how do we know?), Educational Leadership, Feb. 2004.