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Joanne Olson



  • Higher Ed: Education 


Joanne taught middle school science and multiage elementary math/science in Los Angeles prior to moving to Iowa. At Iowa State University, she co-developed and co-directs the Master of Arts in Teaching program in secondary science, and teaches elementary and secondary science methods courses, curriculum theory, introductory statistics, and advanced pedagogy in science education. She has directed ISU's Center for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education, and is the Past President of the Association for Science Teacher Education. She has won numerous awards for her work, including the Outstanding Science Teacher Educator of the Year--Early Career Award (ASTE, 2005), Outstanding Paper Award (NARST, 2004, 2015), Implications of Research for Educational Practice Award (ASTE, 2012), and ISU Foundation Award for Early Achievement in Teaching (2004). 


Science Teacher Preparation (elementary and secondary), the Nature of Technology and Nature of Science and their Implications for Teaching and Learning Science, Science Teachers' Decision Making 


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