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Stanley Andrisse



  • Researcher 



Physiology, Metabolism, and Endocrinology 


Andrisse S, Koehler RM, Chen JE, Patel GD, Vallurupalli VR, Ratliff BA, Warren DE, Fisher JS. Role of GLUT1 in regulation of reactive oxygen species. Redox Biology, in press (accepted 3/19/2014).

Andrisse S, Patel GD, Chen JE, Webber AM, Spears LD, Koehler RM, Robinson-Hill RM, Ching JK, Jeong I, Fisher JS. (2013) ATM and GLUT1-S490 phosphorylation regulate GLUT1 mediated transport in skeletal muscle. PLOS One, 8: e66027.

Ching JK, Spears LD, Armon JL, Renth AL, Andrisse S, Collins IV RL, and Fisher JS. Impaired insulin-
stimulated glucose transport in ATM-deficient skeletal muscle. (2013) Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 38: 589-596.

Andrisse S, Fisher JS. AMP-activated protein kinase. Encyclopedia of Exercise Medicine in Health And Disease. Publisher: Springer Verlag GmbH, Heidelberg, DE. 2011; review.

Spears LD, Renth AL, McKuin MR, Kennedy AR, Andrisse S, Briggs NE, Fisher JS. Ataxia telangiectasia mutated influences AICAR stimulated glucose transport. FEBS Letters, in submission.

Andrisse S, Patel GD, Chen JE, Fisher JS. p38 mitogen activated kinase regulates dehydroascorbic acid transport in skeletal muscles. Submitted to AJP-Cell Physiology. In revision.