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Aman Yadav



  • Higher Ed: Education, Researcher 


Dr. Aman Yadav is an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Michigan State University. In addition to Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology, he holds bachelors and masters in Electrical Engineering. Dr. Yadavs teaching and research focuses on problem-based learning, technology, cognition, and computational thinking. He is a PI on a National science Foundation grant to establish an evidence-based professional development (PD) program, including continuous online support, to improve teachers' knowledge to teach computing concepts at the high school. His work has been published in a number of leading journals, including Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Journal of Engineering Education, and Communications of the ACM. Dr. Yadav teaches courses on research methodology, learning theories, cognition, and computing technologies at the undergraduate and graduate level. He has been actively engaged at the international, national, and local level through workshops, professional organizations, and editorial board. For example, he is chairing the APA Division 15 committee on early career award and serves as an associate editor for The ACM Transactions on Computing Education, a journal that publishes research on computing education. 


Computational Thinking
Computer Science Education
Engineering Education
Problem-based Learning
Case-based Instruction 


Yadav, A., Vinh, M., Shaver, G., Meckl, P., & Rose, S. (2014). Case-based Instruction: Improving students conceptual understanding through cases in a mechanical engineering course. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, doi: 10.1002/tea.21149

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