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Lori Hare


  • Higher Ed: Education 


Lori Rubino-Hare, M.Ed., taught elementary and middle school in Arizona for 13 years. She has been a Professional Development Coordinator at the Center for Science Teaching and Learning at Northern Arizona University for the past 6 years where she has lead pedagogical instruction for elementary teachers in Earth, physical, and life sciences as part of three different Mathematics/Science Partnership projects across the state. She is an Endorsed Provider of Engineering is Elementary professional development for the Boston Museum of Science, and has served as the principal investigator of both a Science Foundation Arizona Mathematics/Science Achievement grant and a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education grant in which she helped middle and high school teachers and college faculty integrate science instruction with geospatial technology through project based instruction. Lori is also a Teacher Consultant for the Arizona Geographic Alliance, where she coordinated the effort to bring the Esri K12 statewide site license for ArcGIS software to all Arizona youth organizations and schools in 2013. She has presented her research and programs in science education at conferences in Arizona, nationally, and internationally, and her work has been published in the National Science Education Leadership Association's publication, Science Educator. 


Science education professional development, geospatial technology education 


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