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Liane Brouillette



  • Higher Ed: Education 


Liane Brouillette is an Associate Professor of Education at the University of California, Irvine and serves as co-director of the UCI Center for Learning in the Arts, Sciences, and Sustainability. She also serves as Editor of the Journal for Learning through the Arts. The focus of her research is on boosting student achievement through arts integration.  


Using arts integration of help K-5 children who are still concrete thinkers to 1) envision and understand abstract information and concepts, 2) develop enhanced social-emotional skills, and 3) achieve greater literacy skills and English language fluency.  


Recent publications include "Boosting language skills of ELLs through dramatization and movement" in The Reading Teacher (with Christa Greenfader, 2013), "Supporting the language development of limited English-proficient students through arts integration in the primary grades" in Arts Education Policy Review (2012), and "Stages of learning: Theater and language in San Diego schools" in Boom: A Journal of California (2012).