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Harold Blanco




Dr. Harold Blanco is currently the Technology Integration Specialist at the June Harless Center. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela Dr. Blanco has been a resident of West Virginia since 1982 and a citizen of the United States since 1994. Dr. Blanco is a graduate of Marshall University with a Master's degree in Secondary Education and a PhD in Instructional Technology from Ohio University (Athens, OH). Dr. Blanco has worked as Technology Coordinator for Marshall University, and has taught Instructional Technology to present and future teachers at Marshall University. Dr Blanco provides technical and professional support to the staff and faculty at the June Harless Center, lending his expertise in the field of instructional technology and professional development. As the center continues to grow, Dr. Blanco will play an important role in the integration of technologies and instruction. Dr. Blanco is a member of the Southern Regional Educational Board (SREB) and several other professional and advocacy organizations.