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Lisa Olin



  • Teacher: Mathematics 


I have taught math, physical education and reading at the middle school level but teaching math, and teaching math teachers, is my love. I have my dream job now as a middle school math intervention teacher, math coach/instructional coach and math curriculum leader. I learned early that being involved in math curriculum within my district gave me training opportunities and a voice in my own future.
I'm married with two grown children and I have a Masters Degree in education with an emphasis on leadership.


I understand confused middle school math students. My experience teaching math intervention taught me to listen first, to find out how students are thinking before I construct a method to move the math forward for them.
Teaching intervention also taught me about misunderstandings that teachers have and assumptions that they make about their students, all of which supports my job as a math coach.
I've enjoyed writing weekly math lessons for teachers of all subject areas to use for Friday math intervention in our building. 


No publications but I've written lots of intervention lessons for teachers throughout our building!