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Ruth Parker (Ruth E. Parker)


  • ED MSP Program
    • Roles: Project Director, Project Professional Developer, Site Administrator



A former classroom teacher of grades 1 - 9, Ruth co-founded the Mathematics Education Collaborative (MEC) in order to bring education communities together in support of quality mathematics in schools. In this capacity, she has worked with parents, teachers, administrators and the community-at-large in many school districts throughout the U.S. Ruth is the developer of a ground-breaking series of mathematics content courses offered to elementary, middle and high school teachers, and mathematics and engineering faculty from 2- and 4-year colleges and universities. She currently directs an MSP for WA State working to prepare a next generation of mathematics teacher leaders who will offer CCSS-based workshops for teachers of grades 3 - 10 throughout Washington. 


mathematics leadership development; mathematics professional development (PD) for grades K-20; performance-based assessment systems; engaging with parents in support of school mathematics; PD for school and district administrators; reaching high-needs student populations;  


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