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Thomas Peters




As the Executive Director of South Carolina's Coalition for Mathematics & Science, Tom proudly continues a statewide effort to sustain human and economic development first begun in 1993. Tom, and his S2TEM Centers SC colleagues are builders of networks, restless advocates for educators and creators of new success stories in student learning in South Carolina and beyond!

Tom is a recognized leader in STEM education and is a recipient of the National Science Education Leadership Association's 2010 Outstanding Leader in Science Education award. He has applied his instructional, scientific, and management expertise a variety of settings including middle school, high school and university classrooms.

Tom holds Doctorate and Masters degrees in Science Education and Bachelors degrees in the Teaching of Biology and in Ecology, all awarded from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


instructional coaching, staff development, project management, curriculum design, STEM, science education, teacher training, grant writing, partnership development. 


Lotter, C., Yow, J., & Peters, T. Buliding a Community of Practice Around Inquiry Instruction Through a Professional Program Development. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. Published online 16 January, 2013.

Peters, T. & Dew, T. Virtual mentoring: A response to the challenge of change. Chapter in Telementoring . in the K-12 Classroom: Online Technologies for Learning. IGI Global. Hershey, PA.