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Garrett Love




A product of Aberdeen, ID and Tilton, NH, "Doctor Love" received his BS degree in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1991, followed by MS and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering from Duke University in 1997 and 2000, respectively. In between studies (1991-1994), he taught high school mathematics at Central High School in Helena, Arkansas as part of the Arkansas/Mississippi Delta Corps of Teach for America , where he caught a severe case of the 'educational advocacy bug' that eventually led him to Shodor in January of 2001. 


Garrett's primary academic research area is in the field of computational mechanics, notably finite element methods for impact analysis. His doctoral dissertation and published research contributions were completed at Duke under the advisorship of and in collaboration with Dr. Tod Laursen . In 2001 he served a brief appointment as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Duke, teaching a sophomore-level course in the Mechanics of Solids. 


"Improved implicit integrators for transient impact problems geometric admissibility within the conserving framework,'' T.A. Laursen and G.R. Love, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering; 53:245-274 (2002)
"Improved implicit integrators for transient impact problems dynamic frictional dissipation within an admissible conserving framework,'' G.R. Love and T.A. Laursen, Computational Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering; 192:2223-2248 (2003)