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Juana Moreno



  • Higher Ed: Science, Researcher 


Dr. Moreno received her B.S. in Physics from the Universidad Autonoma in Madrid, Spain; her PhD from Rutgers University in New Jersey on the theory of Heavy Fermion compounds. She did a postdoc in Trieste, Italy as well as at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). She was appointed as a Research Associate at Clemson University in South Carolina and at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. She was also an Assistant Professor at the University of North Dakota in the Department of Physics before joining Louisiana State University. She is the Principal Investigator of an NSF Career award to study magnetic semiconductors, an NSF-PIRE to develop an international collaboration with researchers in Germany and Switzerland on petascale many body methods for correlated systems, and a NSF-REU which funds undergraduate summer researchers
at the Center for Computation and Technology, LSU. She is also member of a DOE Computational Materials Science Network, and the recently funded Louisiana Alliance for Simulation-Guided Materials Applications. 


Computational Materials Science
Strongly correlated electron systems 


Optical Properties of PbTe and PbSe, Chinedu E. Ekuma, David J. Singh, J. Moreno, and M. Jarrell, Phys. Rev. B. 85, 085205 (2012).
Lifshitz Transition in the Two Dimensional Hubbard Model, K.-S. Chen, Z. Y. Meng, T. Pruschke, J. Moreno, and M. Jarrell, Phys Rev B 86, 165136 (2012).
Physical Properties of Ba2Mn2Sb2O Single Crystals, J. Li, C. E. Ekuma, I. Vekhter, M. Jarrell, J. Moreno, S. Stadler, A. Karki, and R. Jin, Phys. Rev. B 86, 195142 (2012).