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Jessica Belcher



  • Higher Ed: Other 


Jessica Belcher has been with NWO/COSMOS since 2004 and is currently the Assistant Director of Finance and Administration. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Policy & Analysis in 2005 and her Masters of Public Administration in 2006, both from BGSU. She currently assists in the operations of all NWO/COSMOS activities; serves as an initial point of contact for all communications; acts as a liaison to schools and community partners; organizes and advertises for NWO/COSMOS events and activites; and acts as the budget manager for all NWO/COSMOS grant and university budgets.

For the iEvolve with STEM Project: Assists in the management of day-to-day operations, routine communications, activity and event logistics, assisting with planning and coordination of activities, distribution of recruiting materials and scheduling and organization of recruiting events, with the assistance of the secretary receiving and screening inquiries and initial communications, printing, duplication, and collation of materials for PD activities and events, maintaining performance records of participants, and assisting facilitators and research leaders with needs for PD and research. Manages purchasing, tracks and reconciles project expenses.