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William Penuel



  • Higher Ed: Education, Researcher 


Bill Penuel is professor in educational psychology and the learning sciences. His research focuses on teacher learning and organizational processes that shape the implementation of educational policies, school curricula, and afterschool programs. In his research, he examines learning and development from sociocultural, social capital, and complex social systems perspectives. One strand of his research focuses on designs for teacher professional development in Earth science education. A second strand examines the role of research-practice partnerships in designing supports for teacher learning in school districts. A third strand examines how children's interest in science develops over time and across different kinds of settings. This third strand includes a focus on young children's learning through digital media, including public television programs. His research has appeared in the American Educational Research Journal, Teachers College Record, the American Journal of Evaluation, Science Education, and the Journal of the Learning Sciences. He is currently Associate Editor of the Social and Institutional Analysis section at the American Educational Research Journal, and he is on the editorial board for Teachers College Record, American Journal of Evaluation, and Cognition and Instruction


design-based implementation research, research-practice partnerships, Earth science education, classroom assessment 


Penuel, W. R., & Fishman, B. J. (2012). Large-scale intervention research we can use. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 49(3), 281-304.
Penuel, W. R., Fishman, B. J., Cheng, B., & Sabelli, N. (2011). Organizing research and development at the intersection of learning, implementation, and design. Educational Researcher, 40(7), 331-337.
Penuel, W. R., Gallagher, L. P., & Moorthy, S. (2011). Preparing teachers to design sequences of instruction in Earth science: A comparison of three professional development programs. American Educational Research Journal, 48(4), 996-1025.  

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