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Timothy Sheldon


  • Researcher, Evaluator 


TIMOTHY D. SHELDON, Ph.D., is a research associate at the University of Minnesota's Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI). Sheldon serves as a principal investigator and project manager for evaluation and applied research projects relating to educational policy and program evaluation in school districts and other agencies throughout Minnesota. His current research activities include serving as lead evaluator for EngrTEAMS project and a five-year USDA-funded project to evaluate informal education methods for underserved youth in three Minnesota counties. Sheldon's research interests include student engagement research and non-formal learning environments that focus on marginalized youth, such as wilderness programs and other out of school settings. In his research and practice, Sheldon has analyzed large-scale databases for longitudinal study purposes. Sheldon received his doctorate from the Department of Educational Policy and Administration at the University of Minnesota in 2005. In a previous life, Sheldon was a Peace Corp volunteer and an Earth and Life Science teacher for junior high school students.