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Ying-Chih Chen


  • Higher Ed: Education 



Writing to Learn, Language Use in Science Classrooms, Scientific Literacy, Science Teacher Education, Discourse Analysis 


Chen, Y.-C., Hand, B., & McDowell, L. (2013). The effects of writing-to-learn activities on elementary students' conceptual understanding: Learning about force and motion through writing to older peers. Science Education, 97(5), 745-771.

Chen, Y.-C., & Steenhoek, J. (2013). A Negotiation cycle to promote argumentation in science classrooms. Science Scope, 36 (9), 41-50.

Chen, Y.-C., Park, S., & Hand, B. (2013). Constructing and critiquing arguments: Four communication strategies help students discuss, defend, and debunk ideas. Science and Children, 50 (5), 40-45.

Park, S., & Chen, Y.-C. (2012). Mapping out the integration of the components of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK): Examples from high school biology classrooms. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 49 (7), 922-941.

Park, S., Jang, J., Chen, Y.-C., & Jung, J. (2011). Is pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) necessary for reformed science teaching? : Evidence from an empirical study. Research in Science Education, 41(2), 245-260.

Chen, Y.-C., & Tsai, C.-C. (2009). An educational research course facilitated by online peer assessment. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 46 (1), 105-117.