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Marius Schamschula



  • Higher Ed: Science 


Born in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), 1962
Moved to Berkeley, CA 1970
BA in Physics from U.C. Berkeley 1984
MS in Physics (Optics) from San Diego State University 1987
PhD in Physics (Optics) from University of Alabama in Huntsville, 1994
Research Assistant Professor, Alabama A&M University 1994-1998
Assistant Professor, Alabama A&M University 1998-Present 


Optics, Computational Physics, Artificial Neural Networks, Remote Sensing, and Technology in the Classroom 


T. D. Tsegaye, W. L. Crosson, C. A. Laymon, M. P. Schamschula, and A. B. Johnson, "Application of a Neural Network-Based Spatial Disaggregation Scheme for Addressing Scaling of Soil Moisture," in Scaling Methods in Soil Physics, Y. Pachepsky, D. E. Radcliffe, and H. M. Selim (Eds.), CRC Press, Boca Raton, 261-278 (2003)
H. J. Caulfield, J. L. Johnson, M. P. Schamschula, and R. Inguva, "A general model of primitive consciousness," Cognitive Systems Research 2, 263-272 (2001)
J. Fu, M. P. Schamschula, and H. J. Caulfield, "Optical parallel database management system for page oriented holographic memories," Opt. Express 5 #12 273-285 (1999)
R. Inguva, J. l. Johnson, and M. P. Schamschula, "Multifeature Fusion Using Pulse Coupled Neural Networks," Proc. SPIE 3719, 342-350 (1999)