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01/09/19Report of the 2018 NSSME+
01/05/17Operationalizing the Science Practices Teacher Questionnaire User Guide
01/04/17What does "Implementing the NGSS" Mean? Operationalizing the science practices for K-12 classrooms
03/10/16Establishing Comparison Groups
02/24/16Widening The Gap: Unequal Distribution Of Resources For K–12 Science Instruction
12/05/14From Vision Building to Implementation to Evaluation: The Many Uses of a Classroom Observation Protocol
06/18/14MSPnet Academy: Effective Professional Development: A STEM Education Imperative
06/17/14Test Webinar for Academy
06/10/14New Instruments for Studying the Impacts of Science Teacher Professional Development
10/07/132012 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education: Status of high school physics
07/16/13Instructional Materials to Support the Next Generation Science Standards: Results of a Proof-of-Concept Study
06/20/13The Status of Elementary Science Education: Are We Ready for the Next Generation Science Standards?
02/21/13Report of the 2012 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education
04/06/12Investigating the Relationships among Professional Development Strategies, Science Teacher Content Knowledge, Classroom Practice, and Student Learning
08/17/11Assessing the Impacts of the MSPs: K-8 Science
02/23/11Examining the Importance of Evidentiary Phenomena in Learning Science
09/18/08Effective Science Instruction: What Does Research Tell Us?
06/12/06Lessons from a Decade of Mathematics and Science Reform: A Capstone Report for the Local Systemic Change Through Teacher Enhancement Initiative
06/02/04Looking Inside the Classroom: A Study of K-12 Mathematics and Science Education in the United States