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Vanashri Nargund-Joshi



  • Higher Ed: Education 



Teacher Knowledge, Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), Nature of Science 


Nargund-Joshi, V., Park Rogers, M., Wiebke, H. (Accepted) Examining Science Teachers Orientations in an Era of Reform: The Role of Context on Beliefs and Practice. A chapter in a new book called The Role of Science Teachers Beliefs in International Classrooms: From Teacher Actions to Student Learning, edited by Charlene Czerniak, Robert Evans, Julie Luft and Celestine Pea.

Nargund-Joshi, V., Lee, J. (Accepted) How much Dump do you Dump- An Interdisciplinary Project Based Unit. Science and Children
Akerson, V.L Townsend, S., Weiland, I., Nargund-Joshi, V. (2012). Developing a hybrid online/on site community of practice to support K-8 teachers improvement in inquiry and nature of science conceptions. In P. Ghislandi (Ed.), eLearning - Theories, Design, Software and Applications (pp. 187-212). Rijeka, Croatia: InTech Publishers. Available from
Nargund-Joshi, V. Park Rogers, M.A., Akerson, V.L. (2011). Exploring Indian Secondary Teachers Orientations and Practice for Teaching Science With Respect to Reform. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 48(6), 624-647.