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Mara Alagic


  • ED MSP Program
    • Roles: Project Evaluator, Project Researcher, Project Professional Developer, Project Staff


  • Higher Ed: Education, Researcher, Evaluator 


PhD in Mathematics 


Bridging mathematics cognition and teaching practice for k-12;
Visual mathematics and cyberlearning;
Arts in the mathematics classroom;
STEAM professional development;
Intercultural and global communication and learning;


Alagic, G. & Alagic, M. (2012). Collaborative mathematics learning in online environments. In Martinovic, D; Freiman, V. & Karadag, Z. (Eds.). Visual Mathematics and Cyberlearning Series: Mathematics Education in the Digital Era, Vol. 1. Springer

Alagic, M. (Guest Editor) (2009). Arts in the Mathematics Classroom: Mathematics Education. Journal of mathematics and Arts 3(3). London, UK: Taylor & Francis

Alagic, M., & Palenz, D. (2006). Teachers explore linear and exponential growth: Spreadsheets as cognitive tools. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE), 14(3), 633-649.

Alagic, M., & Emery, S. (2003). Differentiating instruction with marbles: Is this algebra or what? [Electronic Version]. International Journal for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching and Learning from