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Teruni Lamberg



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Teruni Lamberg is an Associate Professor of Elementary Education at the University of Nevada Reno. She teaches graduate and undergraduate mathematics education courses. She was the Principal Investigator of the Northeastern Nevada Mathematics Project, and she is currently the Principal Investigator and director of the Lemelson Math and Science Master's Cohort Program. A former elementary teacher, she received her doctorate from Arizona State University and completed her Post Doctorate work at Vanderbilt University. 


Mathematics Education 


Whole Class Mathematics Discussions: Improving in-depth Mathematical Thinking and Learning in production by Pearson Publishers. The accompanying PDToolkit website offers video clips from five real classrooms which illustrate whole class math discussions in action, teacher and student interviews, and chapter PPTs for professional development sessions.

NCTM standards and the Common Core standards emphasize communication as an integral part of how students should learn mathematics. This book provides a comprehensive approach to whole class math discussion and addresses how to set up a classroom, cultivate classroom routines, plan for instruction, facilitate discussions, and assess for future improvement. Reflective questions throughout the book enable teachers to develop professionally and support formal workshop or book study experiences.

The author's goal in writing this book is to create a practical resource for teachers to facilitate effective whole class discussions that support learning. This book highlights several mathematical practices with a focus on communication. This book contains a synthesis of research, including research from the the Northeastern Nevada Mathematics Project (MSP project), author's Post doctorate work with at Vanderbilt University with Paul Cobb, and the Lemelson Math and Science Cohort program. If you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact the author Teruni Lamberg at

This books is available for pre-sale by Pearson,, Barnes & Nobles and other websites. This book will be released in March 2012.