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Johnny Moye



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Johnny J Moye is a Career and Technical Education Supervisor at Chesapeake Public Schools, Chesapeake, VA. Supporting 120 teachers, he is responsible for the administration of Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Trade and Industry programs. Before becoming an educator, Johnny served 27+ years in the United States Navy, retiring as a Master Chief Petty Officer.

Johnny taught high school technology education for five years in Chesapeake. In 2008 he was selected as the Virginia High School Technology Education Teacher of the Year and received the 2008 PITSCO/Hearlihy/FTE $2,000 competitive grant. In 2009 Johnny received the Donald Maley Spirit of Excellence - Outstanding Graduate Student award and the Old Dominion University 2008-2009 Outstanding Technology Education Graduate Student Award. Also in 2009 Johnny received the International Technology Education Association Teacher's Excellence Award as well as a $10,000 competitive fellowship grant at Old Dominion University. Johnny currently serves as the 2011-2012 Virginia Technology and Engineering Education Association President.

Johnny has authored and published many articles in several educational journals. He received his MS in Occupational and Technical Studies in 2003 and Ph.D. (Education) in 2009 from Old Dominion University. He resides in Chesapeake with his wife Debra Jean.

Johnny J Moye, Ph.D.
Supervisor, Career and Technical Education
Chesapeake Public Schools 


Career and Technical Education 


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