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Anne Pierce



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Dr Anne Pierce has been enhancing the Commonwealth of Virginia's visual arts education infrastructure since she arrived from Connecticut over a decade ago. As a NASA funded researcher, she demonstrated early visualization tools on the Internet for classroom teachers. More recently she is increasing awareness of career opportunities available when computing and graphic design skills are combined. Her undergraduate students create virtual exhibitions as study aids in art history and the humanities. She has partnered with colleagues in biology, computer science, mathematics, and engineering to enhance graphic design students' understanding of the importance of various presentation images for scientific and mathematical data.She is a currently funded NSF investigator for the FORCE project which is focused on increasing the calculus achievement of minority students. NSF Award # 0928274. 


Dr Pierce has been a science educator and evaluator of University/k12 partnerships for the last two decades. A past member of NSTA, ISTE, and the AEA she focuses on the appropriate use of technology and the integration of research into classroom activities. 


Maheshwari, Sharad K., Pierce, Anne L., and Enrique G. Zapatero. 2009. Understanding the Lack of Minority Representation in Graduate Programs in Computer Science and Information Technology: A Focus Group Study of Student Perceptions. Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal.

Morgan, Carolyn and Pierce, Anne L. 2011.Outcomes for a compulsory undergraduate research program In Calculus. CUR Quarterly, Fall 2011.