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Michelle Burd



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Michelle Burd, PhD, is Principal and Founder of Burds Eye View, Research & Evaluation. She has more than 20 years of experience in research and evaluation. She has a master's degree from La Sorbonne, Paris, in developmental psychology and a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in Human Development and Family Relationships. Dr. Burd worked for 8 years at the Austin Independent School District in the Department Of Program Evaluation, where she honed skills in project management and client relations and produced award-winning evaluation. At the district, she specialized in teacher professional development and systemwide change, evaluating a 5-year National Science Foundation grant to improve K-8 mathematics education through a Local Systemic Change initiative. She also conducted evaluations for federal entitlement grants, such as Title I improving academic progress of disadvantaged students and Title II improving quality of teachers and principals. Dr. Burd takes a collaborative approach to evaluation by communicating discoveries openly with project staff and maintaining continual contact throughout projects. Her evaluations concentrate on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) initiatives, teacher quality, informal learning, and organization change. Before UTeachEngineering, her recent projects include assessing the quality of mathematics in high schools with New Mexico State University, developing measures for agencies that work with clients dealing with substance abuse, and analyzing teacher perspectives about pay incentives for increased student outcomes at low performing schools. 


teacher quality, professional development, systemic change, STEM education, K-12 education, school reform, program theory, collaborative evaluation 


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