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Katy Anthes



  • Higher Ed: Other, Researcher 


Katy Anthes is a co-founder and partner of the Third Mile Group, a group committed to accelerating positive social policy change. She is also an instructor at the Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado at Denver. Previously Anthes was a policy analyst and program director for the Education Commission of the States, a non-profit interstate compact. Her work has focused on education leadership and governance issues across the nation, and she has considerable experience managing large-scale grants, developing and fundraising for national initiatives and working in multiple states with many stakeholders and partners across the country. During a total of seven years at ECS, Anthes worked on a variety of education issues including accountability, P-16 and teacher quality. Prior to ECS, Anthes worked at a nonprofit consulting firm dedicated to developing nonprofit organizational effectiveness. She has also been involved in community organizing on environmental issues in the state of Oregon. Anthes has a master's degree in public policy, with an emphasis in public leadership, and a Ph.D. in public affairs.