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Keith Bowman



  • Higher Ed: Engineering, Higher Ed: Administrator, Researcher 


Keith Bowman joined the faculty as Assistant Professor at Purdue University in 1988 after receiving degrees from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), (B.S. 1981, M.S. 1983) and the University of Michigan (Ph.D. 1987). He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1992, and then promoted to Professor in 1996. Keith Bowman also served as a visiting professor and received Alexander von Humboldt Research Awards at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany in 1996 and again in 2002. He served as a visiting professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia in 2003. From 1996 to 2004 he served as graduate program chair of the Purdue School of Materials Engineering (MSE) during a substantial retooling of the program to more strongly emphasize doctoral degrees. In 2005-06 he served a one-year appointment as Interim Head of MSE while Alex King was on leave and in 2007 was named Head of the Purdue School of Materials Engineering. He was named a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society in 2000 and has held several division and society-wide positions. Awards at Purdue University include receiving the MSE Best Teaching Award in 1992 and 1995 and Purdue's highest teaching award, the Charles Murphy Undergraduate Teaching Award in 1995. In 2003 Professor Bowman's name was added to the Purdue Book of Great Teachers. In 2007 he received the Purdue College of Engineering Mentoring Award and he became a Professor of Engineering Education (by courtesy). Professor Bowman has given plenary, invited and contributed research presentations in sixteen countries and has had international collaborations with colleagues in Germany and Australia. In 2004 he earned a Zertifikat Deutsch, the German government-sanctioned qualification designating a working knowledge of communication in German. 


Professor Bowman and research group has lead efforts to quantify and model preferred orientation and property anisotropy in metals, ceramics and composites. Coupled with this research has been the development of processing approaches to introduce texture and anisotropy in a range of materials. Many of these processing efforts to produce materials for investigation have also advanced the understanding of the processing approaches and have resulted in related publications. Ceramics research has included elastic and fracture properties of structural materials as well as functional properties of electronic materials. This research has included the use of several different neutron and synchrotron sources to complement x-ray texture research using area detector diffraction and revolves around understanding nanoscale phenomena as a function of temperature, applied load or under electric fields. Current research includes correlating crystallographic texture with domain orientation in poled, depoled and cyclically poled piezoelectric materials. His research in engineering education is focussed on development of materials that encourage interest and retention of students in engineering fields, approaches for assessment of student learning and the role of diversity and diverse perspectives in engineering education. 


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