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Jody Priselac



  • Higher Ed: Education 


Jody Priselac is the Executive Director of UCLA's Center X and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Education. Jody has 30 years of experience as a mathematics educator, serving in many roles, including high school teacher, professional development leader, teacher educator, and educational researcher. In 1999, Jody earned her doctorate in Education at UCLA, specializing in mathematics professional development. She has developed, coordinated and studied numerous professional development programs funded from a variety of agencies and foundations. Jody has also presented nationally on mathematics education, teacher preparation, and university and school partnerships and provided expert testimony at both the state and federal levels.  


Current research interests focus on understanding how to bring about change in teacher practice in teaching mathematics in urban schools. Specifically, I am interested in examining what facilitates change; how change occurs and the role of professional development in change. Preparing secondary mathematics teachers for working in urban schools.  


Quartz, K., Priselac, J., Franke, M., (2009). Transforming public schools: A synthesis of research findings from UCLA's Center X. Equity & Excellence in Education: The University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Education Journal. 42 (3), 313-326