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Scott McDonald (smcdonald)



  • Higher Ed: Education 


I received and undergraduate degree in Physics with a focus on Astronomy and Astrophysics. I was high school Physics teacher for six years before returning for his Ph.D. Science Education and Learning Technologies at the University of Michigan. 


My research focuses on understanding the difference between expert and novice science teachers in terms of their ability to notice and interpret events in classroom practice using digital video analysis. I am also engaged in learning progressions research focused on astronomy and plate tectonics in the middle grades. 


Kelly, G.J., McDonald, S., & Wickman, P. O., (2012). Science learning and epistemology. In K. Tobin, B. Fraser, & C. McRobbie, (Eds.) Second International Handbook of Science Education (pp. 281-291). Dordrecht: Springer.

McDonald, S.P. (2010) Building a Conversation: Preservice Teachers Use of Video as Data for Making Evidence-Based Arguments about Practice. Educational Technology. 50(1), pp. 28-31.