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Tanya Furman



  • Higher Ed: Science 


Princeton University, BSE Geological Engineering, 1982
MIT, PhD, Geochemistry, 1989
Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, 1988-1998
Geosciences, Penn State, 1998-present
Asst VP & Assoc Dean for Undergraduate Education, 2007-present 


My scientific research focuses on the geochemistry of igneous rocks, particularly basalts from areas of tectonic extension (East Africa, Turkey, Iceland). I am also quite involved in teacher preparation and professional development, and in the assessment of learning objectives at the program level. 


Sponsor, 2009 winter issue, The Earth Scientist (8 papers)

Baber LD, Pifer MJ, Colbeck C & Furman T. 2010, Increasing diversity in the Geosciences: Recruitment programs and stereotype threat. Journal of Geoscience Education

Rooney TO, Hanan BB, Graham DW, Furman T, Blichert-Toft J & Schilling J-G, in revision. Upper Mantle Pollution during Afar Plume-Continental Rift Interaction, Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Nelson WR, Furman T, van Keken PE & Shirey SB, in revision. Two mantle plume sources beneath the East African Rift System, Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Sayit K, Gncoglu MC & Furman T, accepted. Petrological reconstruction of Triassic seamounts/oceanic islands within the Palaeotethys: Geochemical implications from the Karakaya Subduction/Accretion Complex, Northern Turkey, Lithos.

Endress C, Furman T & Abu el-Rus M, in revision. Geochemistry of Oligo-Miocene Basalts from NE Egypt, with Implications for Crustal Dynamics. Journal of the Geological Society, London.