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Steve Foehr


    • Roles: Project Staff


  • Teacher: Science, Teacher: Middle School, K-12 Administrator 


Steve is currently the Technology Coordinator for the RITES Project.

Prior to joining the RITES project, from June 2004 through June 2010, he was Director of Application Services at RINET. There he led the consortium Student Information and Portfolio projects.

Steve has spent 38 years in education, 20 years as a middle school science teacher and 18 supporting technology use in education. He was the first to fill his district's role as Technology Educator, a classroom facilitator supporting teachers' efforts to integrate technology into their curriculum. As a result of his efforts, Davisville Middle School was named by FamilyPC magazine as one of "Top 100 Wired Schools" in the nation in May 2000. His last 4 years in the school district were spent leading the district's technology initiatives. He has also authored two text books for Silver Burdett and Ginn: Earth Science, published in 1987 and General Science, published in 1989.

Steve graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in Education, and from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with an Masters of Natural Sciences.