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Mary Markowitz



  • Higher Ed: Education 


2001 -- Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Kansas
2011-Present -- President/CEO, Mary C. Markowitz Consulting, LLC
2011-Present -- Lecturer, Educational Administration, University of Kansas
2007-2011 -- Project Coordinator/Courtesy Asst. Professor, Curriculum and Teaching, University of Kansas
2009-2011 -- Project Director, NSF MSP-Start grant, University of Kansas
2004-2007 -- Asst. Prof./Chair of Master's with Initial Certification Program, University of Kentucky
2001-2004 -- Asst. Prof. of Teacher Education, Ohio University 


Social Justice Education
Community STEM Education
Curriculum Theory
Philosophy/Foundations of Education
Teacher Preparation 


Markowitz, M. C. & Dunn, J. M. (May 22, 2009). Book Review of Teaching the Way Children Learn, by Beverly Falk (TC Press 2008). In Teacher's College Record, ID Number 15637, Retrieved May 22, 2009.

Markowitz, M. C. & Mahlios, M. (2012). The Promise of Preparing Teacher Leaders: Opportunities, Challenges, and Risks In M. Latta & S. Wunder (Eds.) Placing Practitioner Knowledge at the Center of Teacher Education: Rethinking the Policy and Practice of the Education Doctorate. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.