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Patrick Odell



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics 


Prof Emeritus of Mathematics Baylor University and Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences University of Texas at Dallas. Former Graduate Dean and Director of Researh at Univ of Texas at Dallas. Fellow of the American Statistical Association and Fellow of the Texas Academy of Science. Evaluator on numerous math education projects over a fifteen year period. Co-author of six books on statistical methods and matirx methods and over sixty publications. Director of over thirty doctoral disertations. 


Multivariate Statistical methods and matrix theory applical in space science, environmental science and electrical engineering. Currently developing a concept of deductive evidence and information and applying the concept to statistical and operations research methods for evaluating student achievement and accountability of schools and large mathematics education projects. 


A Simulator Formulated to Study the Concept of Minority Dominance, with C Wilkins, Math. Comput. Modeling, Vol.21, No. 10,pp43-53 (1996)

Using Computer Simulation for Analyzing Educational Strategies, with C. Wilkins, Math. Comput. Modeling. Vol.27.No.1,pp31-42, (1998)