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Lyn Swackhamer


  • Researcher, Evaluator 


Lyn Swackhamer is a Research Associate at RMC Research in Denver. Lyn has 10 years of experience in the field of education and three years of experience in educational research. She works primarily with a number of Mathematics and Science partnerships in Nebraska, New Hampshire, Idaho, and Colorado. She is a member of the evaluation team for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's NebraskaMATH program, a 5-year National Science Foundation (NSF) -funded initiative designed to improve mathematics teaching at the primary and secondary levels. This evaluation uses quasi-experimental designs and compares outcomes for classroom teachers and students. She is also a member of the research team for RMC Research Corporation and Montana State University's joint partnership program, Elementary Mathematics Coaching (EMC), a 5-year NSF-funded initiative designed to investigate the effectiveness of elementary mathematics coaches. Dr. Swackhamer is project director for the NSF funded RM-MSMSP Mapleton supplement grant, the NASA sponsored Juno Education project, and the NSF funded University of Nebraska-Lincoln's STEP grant. Her areas of expertise are mixed methods and quantitative research designs, elementary and middle school mathematics, increasing effectiveness of mathematics teachers through teacher efficacy, and incorporating literacy in the mathematics classroom. 


Research Design
Mixed Methods
Math Education 


Swackhamer, L. E., Koellner, K. A., Basile, C. G., & Kimbrough, D. (2009). Increasing the self-efficacy of in-service teachers through content knowledge. Teacher Education Quarterly, 36(2), 63-78.

Koellner, K., Wallace, F., & Swackhamer, L. E. (2009). Literacy integration to support the development of mathematics. Middle School Journal, 41(2).