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Dan Howard



  • Higher Ed: Science, Higher Ed: Administrator 


Born Dec. 12, 1954
B.S. Biology, Stanford University 1977
M.Phil., Biology, Yale University 1981
Ph.D., Biology, Yale University 1982
Postdoc, Michigan State University1982-1985
Curator of Zoology, Museum of Northern Arizona 1985-1988
Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Regents Professor, New Mexico State University 1988-2008
Professor of Biology and Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences UC Denver 2008-Present 


Evolutionary Biology and Genetics 


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Howard, D. J., S. R. Palumbi, L. Birge, M. K. Manier. 2009. Sperm and speciation, pp. 367-403. In T.R. Birkhead, D.J. Hosken and S. Pitnick (eds.), Sperm Biology: an Evolutionary Approach. Elsevier Press.