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09/03/19The Social Side Of Education Reform: A Research Primer
09/03/19Intra- and Interschool Interactions about Instruction: Exploring the Conditions for Social Capital Development
04/05/17Negotiating Policy Meanings in School Administrative Practice: Practice, Professionalism, and High Stakes Accountability in a Shifting Policy Environment
10/22/14Schoolhouse Teacher Educators: Structuring Beginning Teachers' Opportunities to Learn About Instruction
02/26/14Infrastructure Redesign and Instructional Reform in Mathematics: Formal Structure and Teacher Leadership
09/03/13Organizing for instruction in education systems and school organizations: how the subject matters
09/03/13Infrastructure Redesign and Instructional Reform in Mathematics: Formal Structure and Teacher Leadership
06/20/12Data in Practice: Conceptualizing the Data-Based Decision-Making Phenomena
02/29/12Primary School Leadership Practice: how the subject matters
02/29/12Assessing the Utility of a Daily Log for Measuring Principal Leadership Practice
02/29/12Taking a Distributed Perspective: Epistemological and methodological tradeoffs in operationalizing the leader-plus aspect
02/28/12School Leaders' Opportunities to Learn: a descriptive analysis from a distributed perspective
07/22/10NebraskaMATH School Staff Social Network Questionnaire
07/22/10The Distributed Leadership Studies: A case study of research in and for school practice
07/22/10Days of their lives: A mixed-methods, descriptive analysis of the men and women at work in the principal's office
12/01/09Understanding Teacher Leadership in Middle School Mathematics: A Collaborative Research Effort
03/15/07Taking a Distributed Perspective in Studying School Leadership and Management: Epistemological and Methodological Trade-offs
10/19/06Standards Deviation: How Schools Misunderstand Education Policy
04/11/06The Practice of Leading and Managing: The Distribution of Responsibility for Leadership and Management in the Schoolhouse
11/24/04Investigating School Leadership Practice: A Distributed Perspective
10/20/04Distributed Leadership: What's All the Hoopla?
05/25/04Towards a Theory of School Leadership Practice: Implications of a Distributed Perspective
01/17/04Local Theories of Teacher Change: The Pedagogy of District Policies and Programs