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Kevin Czajkowski



  • Higher Ed: Science, Researcher 


Dr. Kevin Czajkowski is an Associate Professor of Geography and Planning at the University of Toledo. Dr. Czajkowski received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Atmospheric Sciences in 1995. He spent three years developing remote sensing research at the University of Maryland. He came to the University of Toledo in the fall of 1998 and established a research program in remote sensing and the Geographic Information Science and Applied Geographics (GISAG) Lab. His main areas of interest are remote sensing, physical geography and K-12 outreach. He has developed and run a K-12 educational outreach program called SATELLITES that brings geospatial technology to K-12 students through teacher professional development and an annual student conference. He leads a large research group investigating the potential human health effects of the application of biosolids to agricultural fields. His research also includes the use of remote sensing to investigate water quality, i.e. assessing the source regions and destinations of contaminants in the Lake Erie watershed. 


Remote Sensing
Atmospheric Sciences
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


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